In the fifth week of study at SAE Institute, I have learned that “Intertextuality is the specific term to used to describe the way in media texts relate to another one. Importantly, intertextuality happens regardless of whether or not people intend it to happen.” from my tutor Zhia. Following that definition of intertextuality, I believe in the next 10 years, media would transform to fit the audience’s preferences in genres and it would be more flexible to fit in the world newest circumstances.

Like how the good side always wins its mortally opposite side, a light-hearted piece of romance can help lifting the audience’s drained emotions, and comedy is not something to be missed a hollow, corroded world. More importantly, highly-recommended genres would pay respect to familial bonds, friendships and selfless acts of sacrifice.

From all the knowledge that I’ve gained from life and ongoing education at a media institution. It is safe to assume that the animation industry would change and gain a lot more from now on as media does. This “promising land” would encourage the aspiring next generations to take their own fate into their hands, find their hidden potentials and overcome any challenges in their life. No longer a major strictly for animators or professionals, animation has become more of a field gathering people with great passion and ambition to work for studios (Charles K.,2012).Generally, to public any products, economics also have a part that impacts in the media as well. At least there have to be supporters, crowdfunding, budgets or the sponsor company which they willing to use their time investigating the quality of animate that worth their times and wealth. The animation industry evolution through time, which is why technology systems provide for this production purpose would increase to bring the best quality on the screen.    

As known as the product that people always assume it only “made for children”, along with high responsibility, animation already stepped out of those barriers with loads of adult jokes without any effects on children’s thought at all. Have a sense of humor already clever still could bring the majority of audiences from all ages a curious look, to seek and answer “what is it about?” proved this is an act of a manic genius. Another perspective observation like marketing, it would be rocketed the budget while people are still focused on the product. With the above reasoning, I am proud to say that my predictions in animation area along with media in general, it would still grow strong, naturally and wildly as it can be even after ten years or above. And definitely, I will become the maddest animator who creates a whole new level that blows people minds off at all time than anyone has ever known.


Charles Kenny (2012, May 9). TheAnimation Anomaly. Retrieved from http://animationanomaly.com/2012/05/09/5-predictions-for-the-future-of-animation/ 


Charles Kenny (2012, May 9). The Animation Anomaly. Retrieved from http://animationanomaly.com/2012/05/09/5-predictions-for-the-future-of-animation/ 


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